• New IVF Process - Infertility Treatment Clinics

    IVF Process - Infertility Treatment Clinics

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    Discover the benefits of the advanced IVF process at Anadolu Medical Center whose IVF clinics have a very high rate of success for infertility treatment.

  • New Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment Options

    Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment Options

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    Discover the advanced breast cancer treatment options at Anadolu Medical Center. Offering an individual approach to the treatment of different types of cancer.

  • New Lower Back Pain Prevention

    Lower Back Pain Prevention

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    Maintaining a regular physical fitness regimen can be very helpful in preventing injury to your lower back. Participating in regular strengthening exercises can also help the strength and flexibility in your back, core, and leg muscles. For most low back

  • New PET CT (Positron Emission Tomograpy)

    PET CT (Positron Emission Tomograpy)

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    In our Nuclear Medicine Department at Anadolu Medical Center, we perform diagnostic imaging and tests on all organs. The most common test we perform is called PET CT scanning. The highly sensitive PET scan images the biology of disorders at the molecular


  • New Prof. Haluk Duman - CV

    Prof. Haluk Duman - CV

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    In 2000, M.D. Prof. Haluk Duman spent a year in the department of plastic surgery at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX. His research interest is breast reconstruction after mastectomy and quality of life following reconstruction. He is also inter

  • New M.D. Prof. Cemil Uygur - CV

    M.D. Prof. Cemil Uygur - CV

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    M.D. Prof. Cemil Uygur, who is a professor of Urology at the Anadolu Medical Center, mainly specializes in prostate cancer, urinary bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, adrenal gland tumors, and retroperitoneal tumors. He undertook his fellow

  • New M.D. Oktay Karadeniz - CV

    M.D. Oktay Karadeniz - CV

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    M.D. Oktay Karadeniz attended the Mayo Clinic in the USA as a visiting fellow during his training. He has worked at Anadolu Medical Center as a radiologist since 2005, and for the last seven years he has been Director of Radiology Services. He especially

  • New M.D. Kezban Berberoğlu - CV

    M.D. Kezban Berberoğlu - CV

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    M.D. Kezban Berberoğlu was invited to be an observer in the Nuclear Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore USA. After she returned from the USA, she started working at Anadolu Medical Center in 2004 as a Nuclear Medicine Specialist. Her