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Nice nose ‘fits your face’

Nice nose ‘fits your face’

If we have an aesthetic dissatisfaction with our nose, we might want to have a perfect nose similar to that of a famous person. This might be a very natural wish; however, for nose aesthetics; designing a nose that will fit our face is much more important that having a nose of others…

Even the smallest change in the middle our face and a little up to it might turn us into a totally different person. Shortening a long nose, prolonging a short nose, narrowing a wide nose, raising a low nose or correcting a nasal hump… All is related to nose aesthetics and with a successful operation, the most suitable nose for the face can be designed. Nose aesthetics operations, which are very widely applied in our days, are much more preferred between women. Nose aesthetics, which enhances living quality of people and reshapes people’s view of life, are one of the mostly applied aesthetic operations, says that everyone, who has aesthetic complaints in relation their noses, can go through these operations very easily after 18 years old.

Do not care about what others say!
In the past, people had aesthetic operations under such reasons as “I couldn’t breathe, I had a bone in the nose”; but today people do not need to conceal about aesthetic operations. Because there is a more conscious society and they are aware that they do that for their own happiness without caring about what the others say. Therefore, nose aesthetics operations attract more attention. Operations, which can be applied for everyone unhappy with their noses, give very good results when they are conducted by experienced surgeons. At this point, we can say that today the approach of “a nose that fits the face is a nice nose” is dominating in nose aesthetics. The meaning of this is designing a nose that fits best to that face by evaluating the whole face and applying it. Therefore, when you demand the nose a famous person, first of all, it is necessary to consider how that nose structure shall affect your nose and think about its ratio to the other areas on the face. Especially in this stage, the method of “Golden Ratio” is used in order to get the best result.

Before operation
Before deciding a nose operation, the most important thing is to talk to the patient face-to-face. It is necessary to determine whether the patient shall really happy or not with the nose operation and telling to what extent his/her expectations can be achieved. The basic rule of medicine is “not damaging the patient”. As a result of the face-to-face talking, if the patient is suitable for the operation both physiologically and psychologically, the decision about the operation can be taken. In the following stage, the most fitting nose is designed in computer and shared with the patient. This design is for the purpose of make suggestions to the specialist team and the patient, and it is not the final result. Although surgeons search for the best nose, sometimes the transactions, which they shall perform during these searches, might give worse results. Therefore, the most health method is to act consistently during the process.

During and after operation
Today, expected results can be gained in nose aesthetics operation with classical methods. Operations can be performed explicitly or implicitly according to the transaction in the nose, and issues such as bleeding and process of tension are very important after the operation. Especially, we can say that tubercle and shiner around eyes occur because of bleedings. Therefore, the more risks are minimized, the less tubercles and shiners around eyes will be.

Recovery period
After the operating lasting 1-1.5 hour on average, patients generally complete the recovery period at the end of the first week. Even that, starting from the first day, they no obstacles to perform their daily works. Tubercles and shiners around eyes might continue but they totally disappear within 10-12 days. Some patients worry in vain saying that “my nostrils are visible from opposite, they were raised very high!” However, we should remind that this problem is over, when the nose slots into its place.

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