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  • Cyberknife M6

    Why is the new generation Cyberknife M6 one of the most efficient devices in radiation oncology?

    Cyberknife M6 uses extremely sensitive robotic technology for treating tumours. The robot works along six various axes by transmitting radiation from various angles, thus achieving distribution of the perfect dose of radiation in tumours located near important body organs.

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  • The Lethal Sarcoma

    Sarcoma is a rare occurrence, approximately 10% of all malignant tumors. Statistics, however show, that it is featured by the highest mortality among cancers. It mostly affects children and young people, because of the active cell division during the period of growth when cells are immature and susceptible to malignant tumor degeneration.

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  • Childhood cancer

    Childhood cancer is term used to describe cancers that occur between birth and 15 years of age. Childhood cancers are very rare and may differ from adult cancers in the way they grow and spread, how they are treated, and how they respond to treatment.

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