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  • What type of disease is ALS?

    ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – is a paralytic neuron disease, it is also the condition that most often affects motor neurons – the nerve cells in charge of voluntary movements. The disease causes the nerve cells – neurons, to degenerate or die, rendering them incapable of transmitting nerve impulses to muscles. The condition, eventually, progresses to paralysis and death. The disease, which usually starts around the age of 50 with earlier onset also possible, strikes suddenly otherwise healthy individuals.

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  • Robotic-assisted surgery for cancer treatment

    Surgery is an efficient treatment method, however, any surgical intervention (even the smallest of incisions) causes new damages to the body. Minimally invasive surgery aims to minimize those damages. Development of advanced technology and the use of robots in medicine constitute a turning point in surgery. Robotic-assisted surgery is a new step in minimally invasive surgery that provides significant advantages both to patients and surgeons.

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  • Radioembolization for liver cancer treatment

    Radioembolization is an exclusive embolization method performed using catheter angiography and microspheres loaded with radioactive material (Yttrium 90). These microspheres are directly given into the cancerous tissue via vessels and radiation energy kills cancer tissue.

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