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  • Erectile dysfunction

    Sexual function disorders in men may be presented by erection failure, lack of sexual drive or Peyronie's disease which is also known as penile curvature. All these problems which also cause "impotence" in men may have different causes as well as different methods for treatment. 

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  • Skin Cancer

    The skin cancer is the most common cancer type and it is known that prevalence increases by 4% every year. Major reasons for that include diagnosis of more patients because of increase in early diagnosis methods and awareness raised about cancer; depletion pf the ozone layer; exposure to ultraviolet beams under the sun for tanning; increase in some diseases that weaken the immune system such as chronic kidney failure and AIDS.

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  • What type of disease is ALS?

    ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – is a paralytic neuron disease, it is also the condition that most often affects motor neurons – the nerve cells in charge of voluntary movements. The disease causes the nerve cells – neurons, to degenerate or die, rendering them incapable of transmitting nerve impulses to muscles. The condition, eventually, progresses to paralysis and death. The disease, which usually starts around the age of 50 with earlier onset also possible, strikes suddenly otherwise healthy individuals.

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