Breast biopsy

Early diagnostic is very important for breast cancer treatment. Main methods are manualy examination and image diagnostic such as breast ultrasonography, mammography, breast MRI. Breast lesions which are found suspected on the imaging data and cannot be identified only through the imaging methods are identified through biopsy method.

What Is Breast Biopsy?

Breast biopsy is a procedure of sampling of breast lesions using a biopsy needle, which are suspected for malignancy. Sampled tissue piece is submitted to pathology laboratory and analyzed by pathologists.

How Breast Biopsy Is Performed?

Breast biopsy is performed by a breast radiologist using a biopsy needle under guidance of an imaging method that the lesion is best visualized (such as breast ultrasonography, mammography, breast MRI). The procedure takes approximately 20 minutes after completion of preparations.

What Explains a Breast Biopsy Report?

A pathology report explains primarily whether the sampled lesion is in benign of malignant nature. Additional analyses are conducted for malignant lesions and its hormone receptors and some additional indicators are reported. This additional Information is used to determine the treatment method and drugs to be prescribed.

What Points Are Taken Into Consideration After Breast Biopsy?

  • The insertion site of the breast biopsy needle should not be in direct contact with water for 1 to 2 days.
  • While resting at home after breast biopsy, it is not recommended for the patient to lie on the treated breast because of the risk of bleeding.
  • In case of pain after the effect of the local anesthetic after breast biopsy, painkillers recommended by your physician, which have no blood thinning effect, can be used.
  • You can continue your daily activities after breast biopsy. However, activities that require effort should be avoided and excessive exercise should not be done with the arm on the treated side.
  • If you breathe hard after a breast biopsy, you must refer to emergency unit and tell physicians that you had undergone a breast biopsy that day.
  • The stretch bandage applied after breast biopsy can be removed in the evening of the procedure. The operation site should be kept clean.

Control is recommended via an appropriate method 6 months after breast biopsy.

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