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  • Surgical Solutions prior to In Vitro Fertilisation

    Hysteroscopy Resolves Uterine Issues

    Operative hysteroscopy, which is used to treat uterine conditions, is a method applied under general anaesthesia. It is performed by inserting a hysteroscope with optical fibres into the uterine cavity through the uterine channel. In case any anatomical issue is established in the uterus (such as a septum, deformation), a change is made in the size of the uterine cavity.

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  • First Steps towards Becoming a Mother

    There comes a stage in every woman’s live when she decides to have a child. Unfortunately, the cases where women experience troubles conceiving or carrying their pregnancy to term have become a frequent matter lately. Prior to commencing in vitro fertilisation, it is very important that women with fertility issues be diagnosed for factors that may adversely affect a potential pregnancy.

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