• Breast Reconstruction Methods


    Professor Dr. Haluk Duman, MD, Specialist in the Clinic for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

    How is breast reconstruction done?

    There are two basic methods: by patient’s tissue flap procedures, usually performed by using skin and fatty tissue of the abdominal areas, and by means of a breast implant, used for breast augmentation. Sometimes a combination of both methods is applied.   

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  • 5 steps to being your own patient advocate


    Impressed by her treatment at Anadolu Medical Center, Cristy Kessler of Hawaii wrote a book which told the story about how patients may take active part in their treatment as associates in doctors’ team.

    ‘I had two options: to wait to die or to learn to live! I chose to live and that meant to find someone who thought I should be proactive in health care’.

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  • Early diagnosis of cancer saves lives


    Cancer is one of the major health problems today. Recovery rates in cancer through early diagnosis as well as developing technology and medical procedures are about 55 to 66 percent in developed countries. Anadolu Medical Center Hematologic Oncologist / Medical Oncologist Prof. Dr. Necdet Uskent tells about the screening methods which are the most significant aspect in early diagnosis of the cancer.

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