Sarcoma Treatment

In compliance with the good clinical practice norms and guidelines, sarcomas need to be treated in specialists centers by doctors, who are well trained to make a diagnosis and treat this disease. Researches unequivocally show that patients who are treated by such teams have a better disease outcome and increased life expectancy.

Early Stage Treatment

At its early stage, sarcoma is localized in one part of the body and if properly treated in terms of the modern medicine methods, the chances of making a full recovery from the disease are real.  The standard treatment involves surgical removal of the tumor. When sizes are bigger or when the grade of malignancy is higher, preoperative radiotherapy may be prescribed with respect to reduction of the tumor and increasing recovery chances. To minimize the possibility of recurrence and with regard to better prognosis, additional postoperative radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy may be prescribed. The treating team will consider individually for each patient the necessity and the nature of the medicinal treatment to be applied.

The determination of the appropriate treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach and comprehensive knowledge of sarcomas. If found at an early stage, sarcoma may be fully treated but every wrong move in the treatment plan, even the inappropriate biopsy, may jeopardize this possibility. Therefore, it is very important that treatment is carried out in the sarcoma treatment specialists centers.

Advanced Stage Treatment

In the advanced stage of the disease the tumor has already affected the surrounding tissues and/or has spread to other parts of the body. Metastases are evidenced with a PET scan diagnostic imaging. MRT (magnetic resonance tomography) is applied if there is a tumor, and in the case of abdominal sarcomas computer aided tomography with contrast material is conducted. Treatment at this stage of the disease is more difficult and requires mobilization of all methods and options that medicine provides, i.e. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, surgery, some local ablation procedures, etc.

The therapy determination principle is strictly individual and is subject to the histology and biological basis of the disease course, the health status and the patient’s preferences. The survival forecast is also strictly individual. Even in some cases of incurable metastatic soft tissue sarcoma, systematic treatment may be applied in order to reduce the development of the disease and to increase the life expectancy of the patient. Oncology is one of the most rapidly developing branches in medicine and every day we strive and hope that a new treatment method would be discovered.

Anadolu Medical Centre has differentiated a Sarcoma Specialized Centre equipped with state-of-the-art devices and precise apparatuses, offering multidisciplinary and innovative approaches for patients’ treatment.

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