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  • Sarcoma is not a single disease

    Sarcoma is not a single disease; it comprises a significant group of separate malignant diseases. The type of cells sarcomas originate from, namely the connective tissue cells, e.g. bones, muscles, tendons, etc., is the common between them. Sarcomas constitute about 11% of the cancer diseases affecting children and approximately 14% of those affecting teenagers. In about 2/3 of the cases, the disease is diagnosed in individuals aged over 50.

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  • Radioactive iodine therapy

    Radioactive iodine therapy, known as “atomic therapy” in the public, is performed following surgery in thyroid cancer. It is the only treatment option to destroy the residual thyroid tissue and thyroid cancer cells in a lymph node or other parts of the body.

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  • Breast biopsy

    Early diagnostic is very important for breast cancer treatment. Main methods are manualy examination and image diagnostic such as breast ultrasonography, mammography, breast MRI. Breast lesions which are found suspected on the imaging data and cannot be identified only through the imaging methods are identified through biopsy method.

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