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  • Prostate cancer

    Prof. Dr. Cemil Uygur, Director of Urooncology Center, Anadolu Medical Center

    Out of 100 newly diagnosed cancer in men, 15 are prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the third most common cancer-related death after lung and colorectal cancer. One of every 39 men dies from prostate cancer.

    Men over 50 years of age; have frequent urination, decreased urine flow, erectile dysfunction, blood in urine or semen are at risk of prostate cancer.

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  • MR-TRUS FUSION against Prostate Cancer

    Anadolu Medical Center has recently adopted the new diagnostic technique for detecting prostate cancer. Targeted Prostate MR-TRUS Fusion Biopsy is a method, which detects foci suspicious of prostate cancer, and ensures taking biopsy from these foci with millimetric sensitivity guided by an advanced technology device and software. With this method, the cancer foci may be detected by a higher accuracy, and repeated biopsies are not required.

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