The irrefutable advantages of Cyberknife

Prof. Dr. Kayıhan Engin, a radiation oncology specialist

Cyber knife proved itself to be the state-of-the-art technology in the radiation therapy of any cancers in the brain, the brain stem, the spinal cord, the breasts, the lungs, the pancreas, the adrenal gland, the prostate, etc. It is a good alternative for patients who cannot undergo surgery or for whom the opportunity of surgical removal of the tumour has already been omitted.

This radiotherapy method is a combination between three-dimensional localization and effective irradiation of the tumour by means of high-energy radiation and multiple rays as crossfire. The purpose is that the target section takes a maximum aggressive dose and is further destroyed without affecting the nearby tissues.

The precision technology and the teamwork are the key factor to the successful management of any cancer disease. CyberKnife has been applied in Anadolu Medical Centre for more than 10 years now. Owing to our experienced specialists the cancer-stricken patients are offered more active treatment for a shorter period.

Never Missing the Target

Contrary to the conventional radiotherapy, where the radiation dose is emitted by a single point, CyberKnife emits rays from many directions. The robot enables rays from 1200 virtual points, selected at random to be sent to each separate area of treatment where the most appropriate 200-300 to be used.  Thus, the tumour is radiated optimally and no formation of cold or hot spots is allowed, which optimizes the treatment plan.

Minimum Error Possibility

The focused radiation rays are sent to the tumour by means of a robotic arm, which is capable of moving at any angle and stopping in any position. A picture is made during the CyberKnife treatment and the required radiation is supplied depending on the results. Errors are thus minimized.

Real Time Monitoring

The patients’ movement and respiratory function real time control is an advantage which makes CyberKnife a unique tool. One of the most significant features of the CyberKnife is its ability to follow up the tumour’s movement in real time. The device re-allocates the position of the rays depending on the positioning of the tumour.

No Side Effects

CyberKnife is a radiation oncology technology in which irradiation of the normal tissues surrounding the tumour is minimized to a greatest extent. The tumours or the cancer-affected areas are identified as target areas and the high radiation dose is focused on them only. These CyberKnife features allow for utmost precision in the movement with less than a millimetre deviation. 

Planning the Radiation Tolerance Dose

The radiation tolerance dose planning system is based on the long-term experience in radiotherapy applications. The system makes it possible to determine both the dose reaching the tumour, and the radiation dose reaching the nearby organs and tissues. The system  accepts the data assigned and detects as a result the most appropriate radiation points ensuring the implementation of the plan and the route it could be accomplished in, by providing the points through which therapy is to be conducted.

No pain, no surgery

Bloodless, with no incisions, with no need of anaesthesia and free of pain, the CyberKnife has no side effects and holds no risks. The CyberKnife therapy cannot be defined as a surgery as it does not require anaesthesia, surgical intervention and surgical wounds healing period. The precision of radiation targeted to the tumour destroys it and no recovery period is required for the patient.

The Duration of the Therapy is Reduced With One Third

The duration of the therapy with CyberKnife is reduced with approximately one third. The device comprises a robotic hand which may twist and twirl at any angle, to stop in any position and to send the precisely focused rays to a particular point. Therefore, CyberKnife is a cutting edge and useful technology for treating patients for whom the other cancer treating methods are impeded.

Accelerated Return to Routine Duties

CyberKnife is very sparing to the nearby tissues and affects and destroys the tumour cells only. Following a one-hour procedure the patient may return to their workplace and everyday life immediately.

CyberKnife has proved its advantages in the treatment of tumours which are difficult to access and is gaining even wider recognition in the management of a number of primary or recurring tumours. The use of CyberKnife as a method of cancer management enabled thousands of Anadolu Medical Centre’s patients to continue and enjoy fulfilling life. Furthermore, this success is underlain by the names of the qualified doctors and specialist of the radiation oncology department.   


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