The Lethal Sarcoma

Sarcoma is a rare occurrence, approximately 10% of all malignant tumors. Statistics, however show, that it is featured by the highest mortality among cancers. It mostly affects children and young people, because of the active cell division during the period of growth when cells are immature and susceptible to malignant tumor degeneration.

Sarcoma is a malignant disease which is not strictly localized and may occur anywhere in the body. The affected area is the connective tissue: bones, fats, muscles, fibers, etc. There are more than 70 sarcoma subtypes. It is sometimes difficult to determine the sarcoma subtype and structure even upon thorough histological analysis.

Three basic stages of the disease could be differentiated:

  • High-grade sarcoma – it is featured by fast tumor growing and fast spread of metastases in nearby located organs and lymph nodes, high malignancy.  Such sarcomas are barely treatable. They tend to recur following surgery, often supplemented by complications.
  • Low-grade sarcoma – it is characterized by slow tumor growth, absence or minimum amount of metastases, the tumor is structurally different from the tissues it grows from. Treatment is possible through surgery and recurrences are rare.
  • Moderately differentiated sarcoma – it has an intermediate position.

It is very important to establish the type and the stage of the disease to provide the most adequate treatment and the prognosis depends on a couple of factors: localization of the tumor, size of the neoplasm, spread, differentiation, and the selected treatment method. When diagnosed early, the disease has less dramatic course and is curable. An effective treatment method is the surgical removal of the tumor.  Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are applied in the early stages of the diseases and to prevent recurrence.

Anadolu Medical Centre has established a specialized centre for sarcoma treatment which is equipped with the necessary cutting-edge and high-precision tools and applies multidisciplinary and innovative approaches of patient treatment.

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