Varian Edge - state-of-the-art radiosurgery


The Varian Edge radiosurgery system started to be used in patient care at the Anadolu Medical Center as of June 2018 and incorporates state-of-the-art technologies, especially in stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery (SRT, SRS) therapies.

Varian Edge device is one of the latest technological products of Varian company that combines conventional treatment methods and more advanced options like radiosurgery. This is an integrated system that brings all requirements of clinical stereotactic radiosurgery together in a single platform. All tumors inside the head and body can be easily treated with this device.

From real-time tumor tracking to precise dose delivery; this device possesses all software and hardware systems required by the doctor, medical physicist and technician at all stages of treatment process. Device has high dose speed settings at two different energy levels, enabling shorter treatment sessions.

The key points of the Varian Edge system are precision and treatment accuracy. Because of technologies of Edge system, radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments can be performed with accuracy and precision under millimeter to tumors in any part of the patient's body such as lung, brain, spinal cord pancreas, and prostate.

High definition multileaf collimator with 120 leaves and 2.5 mm width delivers high-dose beams to the tumor with a millimetric precision while protecting the normal tissues with the same precision. Radiation can easily be targeted to the correct location through six-axis positioning with PerfectPitch 6 DoF table. Both linear and angular errors are automatically corrected depending on patient position, therefore patients are prevented from spending minutes lying on the treatment table for adjustments.

After patient adjustment is completed with Edge system, real-time surface tracking system is used to track patient motion. Possible patient motion can be monitored by comparing reference patient surface determined prior to the treatment with 3D imaging and the images obtained during the treatment by a system called Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS) without using any marker. Patient motions outside of the tolerance limits can be detected automatically. Correct positioning and motion tracking of the patient is very important for accurate and precise treatment of moving organs. Advanced integrated IGRT system of Edge device is used for these purposes. Dose-image (kV, CBCT and MV imaging) adjustment can be performed at any time during treatment. Respiration-related motion can be monitored during dose delivery.

For intracranial radiosurgery procedures, beam delivery from multiple points can be achieved by using non-coplanar beams thanks to HyperArc HDRT and significant dose reduction can be enabled outside of the tumor. Gantry, the table and the rotator head delivering beams, automatically checks motion, leading to shorter treatment sessions by eliminating interruptions caused by entering the room.

Without affecting the patient's daily life and after the outpatient procedure, patients can continue to his normal life after he / she has taken that day's session on the specified day and time.

Patients at Anadolu Medical Center already have access to even more new technologies in the Department of Radiation Oncology.


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