M.D.Assoc.Prof. İbrahim Akmaz

  • New High Ankle Sprain

    High Ankle Sprain

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    The syndesmotic anatomy consists of the posterior tibiofibular ligament, anterior tibiofibular ligament, and the interosseos ligament. Essentially there are two examinations: the external rotation test and the squeeze test. In suspicious situations, stres

  • New M.D.Assoc.Prof. İbrahim Akmaz - CV

    M.D.Assoc.Prof. İbrahim Akmaz - CV

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    M.D. Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Akmaz’s main medical interests and activities are orthopaedic trauma, joint reconstructive arthroplasty, arthroscopic knee, shoulder and ankle surgery, and hand and upper extremity surgeries.