Orthopaedics and Traumatology

  • New High Ankle Sprain

    High Ankle Sprain

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    The syndesmotic anatomy consists of the posterior tibiofibular ligament, anterior tibiofibular ligament, and the interosseos ligament. Essentially there are two examinations: the external rotation test and the squeeze test. In suspicious situations, stres

  • New Sarra H.- Orthopedic Oncology

    Sarra H.- Orthopedic Oncology

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  • New What is Arthroscopy?

    What is Arthroscopy?

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    Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure by which the internal structure of a joint is examined for diagnosis and/or treatment with an arthroscope. Arthroscopy can be used in the evaluation of the hips, wrist, ankles, feet, spine, and elbows as well as knees a

  • New What is Total Joint Replacement?

    What is Total Joint Replacement?

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    Total joint replacement involves removing an arthritic or damaged joint and replacing it with a prosthesis. The materials used in a total joint replacement are designed to enable the joint to move just like a normal joint. Realistic activities following t

  • New Zahraa A.- Oncology Treatment

    Zahraa A.- Oncology Treatment

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