M.D. Prof. Yalçın İlker

  • New Urinary Stones

    Urinary Stones

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    The treatment of urinary stones is directly related to their volume. Stones smaller than 6 mm mostly need no treatment because they can pass through the urinary tract. Kidney stones smaller than 20 mm can be treated using shock wave lithotripsy. Stones la

  • New M.D.Prof. Nazmi Yalçın İlker - CV

    M.D.Prof. Nazmi Yalçın İlker - CV

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    M.D. Prof. Nazmi Yalçın İlker is the chief medical director of Anadolu Medical Center. He tells us about Anadolu Medical Center in general. One of the major areas that we focus on is oncology, meaning medical oncology plus radiation oncology and su

  • New What is Prostate Cancer?

    What is Prostate Cancer?

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    Prostate cancer usually has late disease symptoms. So, periodic examination is essential for diagnosis.